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Date: Fri, 15 Apr 94 11:07:13 EDT 
From: Alex McKenzie <mckenzieBBN.COM> 
cc: heart@BBN.COM, waldenBBN.COM, mckenzieBBN.COM 
Subject: Some more things 
Early next week I will mail you copies of the "Quarterly Technical 
Reports" covering January 1969 through June 1971. BBN wrote these 
reports for ARPA in the month following the end of each quarter, so they 
are contemporaneous with the work being done. To date they are the 
only written material from 1969 I've been able to find. There will also 
be a couple of notes written by Dave Walden, and perhaps a few other 
odds and ends. 
I have a few names/addresses/phonenmbers which might be of use to you: 
Mike Kra!ey - a student at Harvard in 1969 who was involved with the 
ARPANET there and joined BBN in the early 1970s. Email: 
Roland Bryan - worked at BBN Los Angeles in the late 1960's, worked at 
UCSB getting them connected to ARPANET, started the company ACC to 
build interface hardware and software for other groups connecting to 
ARPANET. Company is still in business in networking, and Roland is 
president. Phone: 805-963-8801; Email: 
He'd be delighted to talk to you, likes telling stories. 
Truett Thatch - worked with Roland at BBN LA, came to BBN Cambridge to 
work on IMP (he's in the group photo), now works for ACC. Work phone: 
805-963-8801; Home phone: 805-687-3826. 
Roland and Truett have promised to look for old written material, but as 
of yesterday neither of them had looked. 
I also called Severo Ornstein to ask about his archives. He said he had 
already spoken to you and expected you to come see him. I think that 
he'll try to find any old things he has and show them to you when you 
see him. 
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